Let Go Of Their Issues

“Let go of the people who dull your shine, poison your spirit, and bring you drama.  Cancel your subscription to their issues.”  ~ Dr. Steve Maraoli


I will be the first to admit – I have issues.  Reality is we all do, the difference is how we handle them.


Step families are full of potentially dramatic and negative happenings.  Been there done that right?  Can I get an AMEN!  You can’t avoid all of the pitfalls, that is just the way it is.  When something frustrating or flat out ignorant occurs we have a choice to make.  Either you can make it worse by adding to the drama, or you can quietly handle it.  That may even mean you don’t engage until the issue cools off a little.  Whatever it is give it some genuine thought and consideration.  Is it something that you can actually change or influence?  If not, maybe the clearest path to keeping your sanity is just walk away and ignore it completely.


In order to keep ourselves afloat living a positive life, it may mean you have to make some tough decisions.  Little Elsa on Disney’s hit Movie Frozen may have had it right “Let It Go!”  Harder than it sounds though isn’t it.  The problem is people that are trying to dull your shine or poison your spirit are going to keep coming at you the more you react.  The bigger the reaction the more they are going to meddle with your life and your loved ones.  It is you that is giving them their power.  You do realize they are only messing with you to bring you down to their level?  Don’t let them, you are so much better than any of that.  I totally understand that as a Step Parent you are the target of some really ugly crap.  You have a bulls eye target on your rear end it seems like people are standing in line to kick it.  As true as that may be – you have to take a deep breath and fight it with everything you have.  This is when your true positive light is going to shine.  Nothing is more irritating to the person trying to bring you down, when you refuse to fall.


For the month of January I have been writing posts focused around renewal.  I want you to be inspired to make the change that is not only going to make a difference in your life, but those around you too.  Go out into the world and be the person you want to be.  Show everyone what being a positive Step Parent can look like.  Make an impact – today is a fresh start!  Go on and get to it.  It is amazing to watch the ripple effects of the smallest changes we can bring into our own life.  It is okay to add space between yourself and those that are being dramatic.  Don’t take the phone call – listen to the voicemail when you are mentally ready.  Walk with confidence, but it is perfectly alright to walk right past the person that is trying to engage in a negative manner.  Maybe it is someone in your home – in that case explain that you need your own space for a few minutes and go take a bath.  I beg you to let it go.  Shed the negative crap that people toss at you and let it fall away.  Amaze people that you chose to be the positive person while they sit in their sticky negative mess.  What will happen is that you will draw in those that love and support you – there isn’t anything more wonderful than that.


~ Amy Z


Next month I am going to focus on all of the love!  Of course it is valentines day and all.  Later this week I will be filling my editorial calendar with the dates and topics that I will be blogging about.  How cool will it be for you to have your own mini preview!  Where is it?  Click on tolls and scroll down to calendar – all of the little tidbits will be there for you!

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