Salty & Sweet?  Sign Me UP!

Mojo had a sleep over last night.  This does not happen a lot at our home so it is always a big deal to the boys.  They make their little blanket forts in front of the fire in the family room, and haul out a bunch of their stuffed friends to join them.  We pick a movie to watch together as family and friends and snuggle up together.  Of course for a movie you need a munchie, so we thought we would  why not try the cake batter popcorn off of the March calendar!  Click here to take a look or find it under resources 🙂

Cake Batter Popcorn Ingredients

First thing we did is search in the panty to find all of the ingredients:

6 cups of Popcorn – We used 2 bags of microwave popcorn which seemed to work.

1 1/2 Cups of White Chocolate

1 1/2 Cups White Cake Mix

1/4 Cup Shortening

Birthday Cake Sprinkles

Popped Corn on a Cookie Sheet

Monkey LOVES popcorn.  He eats it so much that he is the expert on timing out just when to pull it out of the microwave.  Not a single piece burnt and almost every kernel popped.

We decided that it would be easier to apply the gooey yumminess onto popcorn that is spread out on a cookie sheet.  Turns out that does work out well.

Next was the melting of the white chocolate.  We followed the recipe directions and stirred every 30 seconds so it would not burn or get chunky.

We put in the shortening next.  We found we needed to pop it into the mircro one more time to get it to completely melt.

Lastly we added the white cake mix and stirred until it was pretty much lump free.

Spreading on the goodness

Drizzling it with a spatula over the kernels worked great.  We tossed once

and added a bit more.

Lastly we added the sprinkles – The FUN part!!!

We only used about half of the batter.

I tuckCake Batter Popcorned the rest in the frig for tonight 😉

Final Step…waiting for it all to harden a bit.  We waited 20-30 minutes and it was fairly hard so we went ahead and dug in.  HUGE hit with the kids and it even passed with Mr. Magoo.  I was surprised on just how good it was – the perfect balance of salty and sweet.  It is quite rich so the nice thing is you don’t eat a ton of it either.

I want to be clear – I did not write this recipe – nope…I just cook things I am not fancy enough to come up with a lot on my own…You can find the exact link to this recipe on my March Menu.  While there – check out a few of the other recipes too to see what else you can dish up for your family.

I hope you try it – I hope you LOVE it – I hope you tell me about it!!!!!

~Amy Elizabeth