"The most important work you will ever do will be within the walls of your own home." President Harold B. Lee

A home isn’t about the walls that build it, it is about the hearts inside that keep it warm.

I love to decorate!  I love it when my family and friends invite me over to talk about how to change up their home.  A little splash of paint, moving some furniture around, and adding a few key pieces of decor can make all of the difference in the world.  Letting your personality shine through your surroundings is the key to making your house a home.  Well by appearance anyway.

A house is just a building until you add a little heart into it.  For Step Mother’s stepping into a situation that may be a little broken or unstable, this is extra important.  The work that we do  within the walls of our homes is more essential than anything else.  I am not talking about dishes, cooking, and cleaning although that is all time consuming and necessary.  I am talking about the time spent getting to know the people under your own roof.  Talking with them about their dreams.  What they believe in.  What they want out of life today and tomorrow.

The words we share are like bricks that are building the walls to our home.  Slowly, it will all come together, love being the mortar making it stronger.  There will be set backs and maybe even a few collapses.  Sometimes construction has to pause for a while, but eventually you will build the warm caring and connected home are looking for.  The place the hearts of your family can dwell forever.

~ Amy Elizabeth

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I snapped this photo in Amsterdam