fotor_(14)“Pride is concerned with WHO is right.  Humility is concerned with WHAT is right.”. ~ Ezra T. Benson

Today Mr. Magoo called me from the road, Mojo had an emergency at school and he was asking for me to come and fix it for him.  Apparently he tore out the bum seam of his jeans in gym class and needed a new pair as soon as possible.  Poor little peanut!  I jumped into my car and got to him as soon as I could with a new comfy pair of blue jeans.  Mojo came running to me, humility painted over his normally smarty pants face, and gave me a huge hug.  Without a word, he turned pulling his shirt down to cover his bum, to head to the bathroom to change out his pants.

The ironic thing is lately he and I have been battling a bit about him always being right.  He is in advanced classes and sometimes gets a little full of himself.  I encourage him to reach for the stars, but at the same time I feel it is my job as his Step Mom to keep his feet grounded on Earth with the rest of us.

Funny how the world works isn’t it?  He was served up a big piece of humble pie today.  I think his feet will be firmly planted to the ground for awhile.

There is more to this story.  There is a silent battle that struggles between me and Bio Mom.  Mojo is a stout little fellow.  His legs have not grown up but his tummy has grown out.  Monkey is tall and as thin as a blade of grass (he refuses to eat meat… other than McDonald’s chicken nuggets… different topic for a different day).  I buy size 12 jeans for Monkey and size 16 for Mojo… and shorten them by 4-5 inches. (love my little cupcake). Wanting Mojo to be comfy I buy plenty of jeans knowing that some will settle at the other house – that’s totally ok with me.  Bio Mom’s jeans for Mojo are size 12 Husky.  I am not ok with that, but that is a battle for Mojo to fight.  He has to be the one to explain that he is uncomfortable in what she has purchased for him.  If I would try, it would just end in locking horns and things getting unpleasant for everyone.

Between the Mom’s this could quickly become a scenario over WHO is right.  That isn’t what this dilemma is about, it is about WHAT is right – and that is Mojo’s comfort.  Humbly I will keep buying him the clothes that he is comfy in and when he calls for help – I will always be there for him.

~Amy Elizabeth