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Swimsuit magazines are invading my mailbox, total workout motivation.  As I page through the glossy pages and gaze upon the goddesses that have not eaten more than a lettuce leaf in two weeks, I have to face reality.  I am never going to look like a swimsuit model.  Age and my love for cheeseburgers will never allow it.  I am however willing to work to get as close as I can.  I am proud to say I have been.

For the past two weeks I have been working out daily (almost) to get ready for the spring break escape that Mr. Magoo is whisking me away on.  Sweat soaked workout clothes and sore muscles have been my reward.  Carving out the time for an activity that isn’t particularly fun is the biggest hurdle, but I am doing it.  The scale has not budged, but my body is firming up.

I have to remind myself that beauty isn’t all about the outside.  Show me a supermodel that is bitter, jealous, and angry and her exterior beauty fades quickly.  We worry so much about what the scale is telling us and forget what is important.  Our beauty comes from a simple smile, being kind to others, and filling our days with gratitude.

The majority of the women in history and current times that have made a difference, are not the most attractive people that grace the earth.  Their beauty is in how they compose themselves.  They hold their heads high and fill their hearts with love.  They make everyone around them feel special and important.  That is who I want to be, not a supermodel.

As a Step Mom I want to show my boys what true beauty is.  I want to be the living example of the qualities they should seek out in a spouse someday.

~Amy Elizabeth