“Ego says, “Once everything falls into place, I’ll feel peace.”  Spirit says, “Find your peace, and then everything will fall into place.”  Marianne Williamson As a Step Parent it often feels like you are at war, filled with strategic planning to achieve victory.  Did you ever play the board game Risk in your family?  So […]

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What Is A Momo?

A sneak peek of my new book! My journey in life has been long and winding like most peoples I am sure, but nothing has been more adventurous than being a Step Mom.  The title came with a lot of trials and tribulations, but every night I laid my head down I was inspired to […]

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A happy Wife is a happy life, but a happy man is how our love began. A strong woman lifts her husband up and puts him on a pedestal.  It isn’t hard work and you won’t even break a sweat – I promise!  We fell in love with a guy.  That silly grin, those sparkly […]

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You have to take care of yourself…before you can take care of others… If you are a Mom, more than likely you are giving a small piece of yourself to your entire household everyday.  Eventually though, if you just keep pouring your soul into everyone else around you, the day will come when you have […]

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ALONE A BRANCH IS EASILY BROKEN.  TOGETHER, BUNDLED INTO A BUNCH IT IS NEAR IMPOSSIBLE… Lately I have received several messages from Step Mothers that are at their wits end.  I sense their desperation and I hear their pain through their words.  We ALL have been there.  These are ladies that are not giving in […]

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You’ve stepped up to the base.  Now let it go and swing for the fences! I did an interview today with our local newspaper.  I was contacted about how difficult it can be raising a child with special needs.  About how a support group could really conquer feeling alone in the journey we face.  As […]

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Motherhood is a choice you make everyday...


Thank you for being such great Mothers.  You all are such an inspiration. We have all seen her.  The women that is bouncing a newborn over her shoulder as spit up trickles down her back.  Her  two year old is screaming and rolling about on the floor because well because sometimes they just do.  While […]

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Tomorrow we can eat broccoli… Today we eat Ice Cream! Life as a whole can be very heavy and hard.  Both parents and children are pulled in ten different directions with activities as well as emotions.  We get so spun around that we don’t even know which direction is up anymore.  When I am feeling […]

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