If you are saying YES!!! – Good for you…apparently you have not tasted my Mother’s fudge…

If the idea of trying on last year’s bathing suit (did people ever really “bathe” in these?  Weird…) makes you want to pull on a pair of yoga pants, plop on the sofa, (I should use davenport if I am going to use the word bathing suit) and dive a spoon into a pint of creamy frozen heaven…Welcome to my club!

There comes a time when you just have to face your scale, make yourself a workout schedule, and stop pretending that it is only your husband that eats the potato chips in the pantry.  Worst habit for me to admit?  My dryer isn’t shrinking my pants, my waist is expanding.  Throw the garbage food where it belongs, and let’s get real about getting healthy.

Dieting & working out is the physical part.  I confess I have a few “wobbly bits” as Bridget Jones would say, but I am ready to banish them.  The mental aspect of a diet seems to be the part that gets left out.  My mind is healthy, (warped maybe) but I need to get it in the game and keep it there until I reach my goal.  Then set another one.

Personally I am not going to set a weight goal.  It makes me focus on the scale too much.  The drama of watching the yo yo of the numbers from day to day is unnerving and next thing you know I am drowning my pain in nacho cheese (which by the way is my biggest vice…CHEESE!).  My goal is to feel confident in this bathing suit.  Eat healthier, and focus on input / output, what I insert into my head, must be worked off via exercise later.  Pretty simple really…the concept that is…the real work is really doing it.

I am reaching out to you to join me.  Pick a pair of jeans, a special dress, or a bikini, and set the date you are going to rock it.  I am giving myself two months from June 1-August 1, to feel confident in this suit…

Sticking to goals is much easier if we do it as a group.  Tell me what you are going to rock and in what time frame.

Let’s burn baby!

Amy Elizabeth

P.S.  I had someone ask me how they can make comments.  You simply click the little conversation bubble that is to the right of the title of the post.  🙂