fotor_(8)Living in the Midwest has left us in a depressing deep freeze…Once again we woke up in a winter wonderland of swirling snow.

The first snow fall of the year gets me all excited.  I dig out my knit cap and slip on my woolen mittens.  Now with every snow flake that falls, it weighs on our overall cheer.  The monochromatic color scheme over the past several months is making me want to break out of the snowy globe that stick my toes in the sand.  And that is just what I am going to do.

Spring Break!  Yippee! Yahoo!  I realize the elation often ends for some Step Mothers right there.  It becomes a heated debate as to who is doing what with the kids, who gets them, will there be borrowed time, if yes when are we getting it back….

Luckily for us we have it in the MSA that we switch it back and forth every year.  Fairly cut and dry – we just need to work out any extra days needed for travel and when we will get those nights back.  I am sure it isn’t the same for everyone, let me know how it is going if you are having some problems…

My boys are over the top excited to be getting away.  Their Mother is taking them to Mexico for a week.  They are non-stop asking “when are we leaving?”  “How many days away?”  “How many more days do we have with you before we go?”  When you are in the middle of driving for errands or making dinner it is the repeated questions like these that can make you want to climb up a wall!

The cure?  A simple paper chain did the trick!  Blue days for sleeps at Dads, pink days for sleeps at Moms, white represents their trip.  We all made it together.  I cut the paper, Mojo wrote the dates down, Monkey stapled them together.  We hung it under the stairs as a reminder that the sun is going to shine for them soon.  Now, the first thing they do together when they get home, is rip off the days as a count down to their big event.

What event could you make a paper chain for your little ones?

Amy Elizabeth ~