Mr. Magoo…The man that makes me tingle all over with the excitement of the possibilities that are hidden in every ordinary day.  He pushes me to the highest levels of my capabilities,  he is the secret to any of my successes.  His tenacity and drive for life is a force to be reckoned with.  He is mine, I am his, and we share something uniquely beautiful.

Monkey…He is 12, full of vigor and venom.  He squeals in the morning with delight as he runs from his shower, towel wrapped around his neck screaming that he can fly.  Unfortunately, often by the time the sun goes down, his light for life diminishes too.  He suffers from severe ADHD and speaks with a stutter.  Daily life is often a struggle for him, but through open communication we have built extreme trust in one another which helps us through many issues that arise.

Mojo…He is 8, tender hearted, and carries the strongest joy for simple things in his heart.  Quiet at times when I wish he wouldn’t be, he is such a gentle soul.  In many ways he is his father all over again, his cunning spirit is starting to break through his childhood innocence.  I think he has a few tricks up his sleeve that we all may be shocked by as the future unfolds.

As time marches on I will share more family photos however never completely revealing my boys.  I am sure that many of you can understand the complexity that being a Step Mother brings to the situation, until they are adults it is in their best interest to keep them hidden from the public eye.DSC02756DSC04781DSC04153