We all have plans of what we would like to make happen this new year – but the power lives in the HOW. Let’s get serious about making things happen.


First – You are going to need a notebook and a writing instrument. Nothing fancy here. Those wonderful leather bound journals look gorgeous however they are intimidating as hell. I want you to find a crappy one left over from your kids schools supplies. You won’t feel bad about scribbling in it, writing sideways, misspelling words, or ripping out the pages.


Second – write down EVERYTHING you would like this year to bring to you. These things can be very specific such as walk 10 miles every week to very general like fill my soul with love and light. I want to see at least two pages of things that make this upcoming year a pool of inspiration that you want to dive into.


Third – Highlight twelve of those items that you see as something that not only is a must, but attainable. If something feels too big  – the ones that we put off often seem unreachable – highlight, circle, and draw a ton of stars next to it because remember THIS IS THE YEAR!!!


Fourth – Write each goal on the top of a fresh page. Below it list the action steps it is going to take to make that happen plus the month you are going to do it. Help yourself accomplish what you want by being specific in your list. By spreading out your accomplishments across 12 months you won’t get disappointed or bogged down that your goals are not getting done in the first month or two. Example: Paint the kitchen.  Steps: January – purchase magazines and collect clippings for inspiration. Go to the paint store and grab several different color paint chips. Review the colors as a family. February gather paint supplies / or purchase. Purchase paint. Spend a day preparing surfaces and taping edges. Paint the kitchen.


Fifth – Add your items to a planner. Now this is when you can go for the pretty one. Find one that inspires you or just plain makes you feel wonderful. Add the items you have assigned by month and now actually give them a date that will fit in amongst all of your regularly scheduled activities.

Congrats! You have an action plan to tackle your wish list. With it spread out it does not seem so intimating to get done does it? Go back to the pages where you wrote down everything that you would like to see happen this year and sprinkle them in where you can.


I hope this year is filled from beginning to end with successes big and small. Now that you have a plan, you are ready to have a spectacular year unfold.


With Love –

Amy Elizabeth